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2022 Viable Future 

Thursday August 25th  11 AM - 6 PM EST

Join us to embark on a radical journey through the art of cultivating sustainability in your business.


We are welcoming you to a (free) live interactive conference where sustainability experts will engage with you to identify where your business can integrate sustainability.


 Our mission is: you will walk away from the conference with the knowledge, deep inspiration, and dedicated action steps to propel your business forward. The Viable Future event is the boost your business needs to help you redirect your business’s strategy and towards a profitable and sustainable Viable future for all!


Not to mention, this platform will also set the stage for you to network with like-minded businesses and even potential clients. 


 GoViably invites and encourages you to have a read through and come prepared with questions that you want us to dive into with you. We are thrilled to be a part of your sustainability journey and are the steppingstone you need to dramatically shift your business into a resilient powerhouse in this ever-changing space. 


We are here to help you so please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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Viable Event


11:00 AM -11:30 AM   Introduction by Emily Eckert 

11:30 AM - 12 PM        Key Note by Mary Powell

12:15 AM - 1:15 PM     Session 1 : 

                                  - Building Utilities and Management            
                                  - ESG Reporting and Sustainability Assessment 

1:15 PM - 2 PM           Lunch and Networking Time

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM      Session 2 :     
                                 - Corporate Culture  

                                 - Waste Management

3:15 PM - 4:15PM        Session 3:

                                - Transportation and Distribution Efficiency
                                   and Electrification
                                - Sustainable Product Design

4:15 PM - 4:45 PM       Closing



Buildings are your Business's Bodies
Have you noticed your buildings are like bodies? Oxygen flows through, water flows through, temperature goes up and down, equipment may need operating once in a while. Are you operating and maintaining your buildings in an optimal way? Are you decreasing your carbon impact through your buildings footprint? Come to this workshop with your building and energy challenges and walk out with a path to operation with efficiency, resilience and carbon free energy sources.

Corporate Culture: The Foundation Of Your Business

Humans have a history of wanting to be part of a community. Your company is a community, but if everyone is there to work, why should you care about the community you are building? Join this workshop to discuss what a sustainable and socially responsible corporate culture looks like. Is your company there? What is your corporate culture missing? How do you go about shifting an established culture? Come prepared to interact,

ask questions, and build a plan to transform and/or improve your culture.

Waste Waste, Go Away

From the one-person digital business to the largest industrious manufacturing one, all commercial activities produce waste. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the basics of waste management are relatively consistent across industries: minimizing the amount produced, sorting recyclable and non-recyclable material, and establishing waste collection. Join this workshop for discussing how your business’ trash could be

eliminated, minimized or turned into treasure.

Assessing and reporting

Assessing and reporting the level of sustainability is critical for determining your sustainability strategy. It enables you to have visibility into how well your business is performing. It also serves as a map, to help you see where your focus should be for effectively improving your performance and avoiding greenwashing when communicating about your sustainability claims. Join this workshop to learn more about sustainability assessment processes and identify the best manner to integrate them into your operations management.

Vroom Vroom - but Silently!

Transportation and Distribution is an unavoidable component of life and business, from commuting of employees to transporting raw materials to distributing finished goods. It is one of the largest carbon impacts a business has. How does a business create a gameplan to cut their carbon in their transportation and distribution if electric vehicles are not yet in full manufacturing mode? How do you transition your fleet if you don't have funds to transition every vehicle today? Join this workshop to create efficiencies and a gameplan

around your transportation and distribution strategies.

Sustainable Product Design

The “buy, use and throw away” paradigm does not make sense in a sustainable economy. How to account for sustainability when designing a new product or revamping an existing one? Join this workshop for sharpening your eco-design skills and identifying how the optimal use of resources and energy can be integrated at an

early stage to your business.

House in the Woods


Jawad started his engineering career in R&D and supported the design and development of clean technologies and bioproducts. He authored several peer-review publications in this area. As a process engineer, he has helped several energy-intensive industries to improve their global efficiency, increase their competitiveness, and reduce their environmental footprint. He promotes the use of systemic and holistic approaches to improve energy efficiency, waste reduction or its valorization. As a supervisor at a world class industrial facility, he led the environment department and several continuous improvement projects. Curious and purpose driven, he is looking to contribute positively to the society by exploiting his technical skills and business acumen. With family roots in France and Morocco, Jawad has been living most of his adult life in Canada. During winter months you can find him cross-skiing and snowboarding and in the summer camping and hiking.

Marcus has 20+ years of experience working in the built environment across residential, commercial and industrial sectors. He was a senior energy consultant with Efficiency Vermont, the statewide energy efficiency utility, as technical lead for deep energy retrofits, building electrification with thermal energy storage and the Flexible Load Management pilot in partnership with Green Mountain Power. In 2022, Marcus founded Living Buildings, a full service decarbonization construction management group. The company sees projects from concept to completion; ensuring the customer’s vision is implemented and performing as designed. Marcus is also a subject matter expert for annual Better Buildings by Design conferences, the Northeast’s premier event for energy efficiency strategies and solutions in the built environment.

Mary is excited by her recent move to California where she can lead energy innovation from Sunrun’s San Francisco Headquarters. Prior to becoming CEO, Mary served as a member of Sunrun’s Board of Directors since February 2018. From 2008 to 2019, Powell served as the President and CEO of Green Mountain Power Corporation, an electric services company that serves 75% of the State of Vermont’s residential and business customers. As CEO of Green Mountain Power, Mary successfully executed a strategy to drive increased customer satisfaction and growth, delivered on an ambitious energy vision to provide low-carbon, low-cost and highly reliable power to Vermonters, and positioned the company as a leading energy transformation business. Nationally recognized for her work disrupting the energy system, Mary has received numerous industry awards, including being named Utility Dive’s 2019 “Executive of the Year” in recognition for her utility leadership to deliver on customer-choice distributed energy solutions. During Mary’s tenure, Green Mountain Power was the first utility in the world to become a member of B Corp, showing a commitment to use energy as a force for good. Her previous roles at Green Mountain Power included Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer from 2001-2008, and as Senior Vice President, Customer and Organizational Development from 1999-2001. Prior to joining Green Mountain Power in 1998, Mary held executive roles within the banking industry, and served in state government. An entrepreneur, she has previously founded two businesses. Mary was also the former chair of The Solar Foundation, and formerly a board member for Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc., Vermont Mutual Insurance Company, and two innovative energy start ups. Mary is a graduate of the Wharton Executive Education Program. She enjoys spending time on her farm with her husband Mark, daughter Alex, their five dogs and a couple dozen barn animals.

With a degree in Global Economies, Human Rights, and the Environment, Emily Eckert was made to lead GoViably.  As the Founder and CEO, Emily brings a lifetime of environmental passion and commitment to the role.  She brings a background of energy efficiency, renewable energy, utilities, electric vehicles and a lifetime of advocacy to the foundation of GoViably. She also brings empathy, sensitivity, determination, and authenticity - traits born from her experiences as an adoptee, woman, and person of colour. The obstacles she has overcome have equipped her to face challenges and thrive as she leads GoViably to help businesses in ways that will help save this planet and build a future of compassion and resiliency.

Emily 2.JPG

Emily Eckert


Corporate Culture

Mary Powell HS (3).jpg

Mary Powell

Key Note Speaker


Marcus Jones

 Building Utilities and Management


Jawad Jeaidi

ESG reporting and Sustainability Assessment

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