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GoViably certified today!

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bronze (40%-59%)

Silver (60%-79%)

Gold (80%-94%)

Platinum (95%-100%)

Why Businesses Should be GoViably Certified

unbiased, third-party evaluation of businesses' sustainability.

Our certification process is transparent, simple, yet exhaustive.

We have more than 60 years of combined experience in sustainability.  

With that experience, we have created surveys that are specific to each industry. 



Each survey is further tailored to each business configuration to avoid unnecessary and time-consuming questions.



Goviably certification awards four levels of sustainability performance:


With our online assessment, certified organizations can improve their score as they progress in their eco- and socio-friendly journey.


GoViably also provide a certification report highlighting sustainability strengths and weaknesses of the candidates, benchmarking them with their industry peers and suggesting actions for improving their score. 


Why Sustainability Assessment Matters

Consumers are increasingly concerned about their environmental and social impacts.

They are expecting increasing transparency and ethics from companies.

Social and environmental responsibility have become a critical factor for choosing your company’s products compared to the competition. 


However, measuring sustainability is complex and challenging since several criteria are involved


And the criteria may not have the same weight depending on the environment, community, and individuals' own values.


Most companies lack resources, expertise and time for measuring social and environmental impacts even though this analysis can increase your bottom-line over the long-term.  


How GoViably Certifies Businesses

Company Culture 

Awareness of the social and environmental challenges and how they intersect with the business are critical for obtaining the GoViably certification.


Let's create a feedback loop that enhances the prosperity of your business and the impact of your sustainability initiatives!  

Building Management & Utilities 

For every business, organization, or institution buildings generate a big chunk of the footprint. GoViably examines building sustainability and suggests cost-effective and sustainable strategies. Often cost savings come along, especially when optimizing for energy consumption.

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Innovation, Operations "(including manufacturing)" 

New products and technologies must be designed sustainably. Existing operations, innovations, and manufacturing should be continuously reaching for higher standards for their social and environmental responsibility goals and actions.

Supply Chain, Transport & Distribution 

Sourcing, transportation means, and distribution systems have a big impact on our social and ecological footprint. GoViably connects suppliers, vendors, and end consumers locally, aiming for a closed-loop supply chain that will reduce our environmental footprint.  

Product Life Cycle & Waste Management

From cradle to cradle, GoViably examines every product lifecycle and suggests cost-effective actions for improving the degree of sustainability.


The best waste is no waste! When we cannot eliminate its existence entirely, we will work tirelessly to reduce it.  We will determine how to have the uncompressible waste reused or disposed of responsibly. You will be able to join communities of businesses everywhere that are a part of the Net Zero movement!   

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