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Sustainability Reporting

Environmental Social Governance reports refer to an organization’s commitment to its sustainable development.

Why Use Sustainability Reports?

By adopting reporting standards, a company chooses to operate beyond profit making, and commits to mitigating social and environmental problems.


A sustainability report is a publicly available document, that is typically part of an annual report that allows a business to be transparent in their operations.

In addition to supporting a sustainable world, reporting is a critical tool for attracting and retaining responsible customers and engaged employees. Reporting helps businesses build resilience and long-term value in a world heading to net zero emissions and social equity. 

Balancing Rocks

What Do Sustainability Reports Offer?

The increasing demand for transparency on sustainable and socially responsible impacts has created the need for standardized reporting practices.


Sustainability reporting implies the disclosure of data providing a snapshot of the organization’s impact in three areas:

  • Environment

  • Social

  • Governance


The environmental notion examines how an organization’s operation and products impacts the planet. Inspired from the life cycle assessment (LCA), the considered metrics include: climate change, water and land use, human health and non-renewable energy consumption. 


The social notion considers how an organization inspires its employees, customer and to a larger extent stakeholders and community toward having more positive impacts in areas such as inclusivity, diversity, human rights, and labor standards. 


The governance notion refers to an organization’s capability to enforce its policies and prevent violations to its values by the establishment of procedures and programs. Code of ethics, internal control, certifications and law infringements are example of factors to be considered.  

GoViably Sustainability Reporting


Starts with experienced sustainability experts to facilitate your business sustainability reporting.  


GoViably will leverage the GRI reporting principles to create a report for your organization that paints a complete picture of your organization’s commitments and results. 

The principles of GRI reporting can be utilized to create a narrative where your company becomes the hero in your story to make the world better.



By highlighting performance in the categories of People, Planet and Profits,  CSR marries sustainability to give stakeholders a transparent and intimate knowledge of your organization and its overall strategy and aspirations.


It can bring alive your organization’s mission for consumers, governance board, staff, and potential employees by highlighting the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) story in your report.


In the end creating an sustainability report with GoViably can open up the possibilities for your business to go beyond being just another company and into being a socially and environmentally conscious institution.  

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